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  • Product

    baptist individual, Facilitator individual , Woman group

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Product Facilitator individual Remind amount Calculated annual percentage General Annual Percentage
Amount 200000 100000 We don't sponsor this amount -
Payment number 18 - -
Applied payment 18 - -
Grace period 18 - -
Within period 18 - -
Remade customer 0 - -
Commission employer 0 - -
Solidarity insurance 0 - -
Expenses implementation 18 - -
Monthly installment 0 - -
Monthly installment with commission 0 - -
Percentage + Expenses 0 - -
Solidarity installment 0 - -
Applied solidarity 0 - -
The amount : origin and earning 0 - -
The amount : origin and earning with commission 0 - -
الربح بدون مصاريف The earning without expenses 0 - -


  • Vision

    Tadhamon Microfinance strives to be a pioneering bank in entrepreneurship and SME locally.

  • Goals

    - Reduction of poverty and alleviating unemployment
    - Improving living standards for beneficiaries through offering highly efficient banking services .
    - Achieving a Sustainable economic development for local communities in urban and rural areas.
    -Obtaining beneficial revenue of financial services to achieve the bank’s financial sustainability and development.
    - Reaching the maximum rate of the targeted segments by expanding the geographic scope in rural and urban areas and mobile banking.
    - Spreading Islamic banking concepts and principles.

  • Values

    -Partnership: creating effective partnerships with public and private sectors, NGOs and donors.
    -Transparency: declaring and applying good governance principles.
    -Responsibility: providing objectively social, developing services based, simultaneously, on attaining the ongoing beneficial revenue of investment.
    -Honesty: providing financial and non-financial services in compliance with Shariah principles.
    - Innovations: Constant renewal and unconventional thinking for financing and other financial and non-financial services.
    - Leadership: Leading the market in financing, developing and supporting entrepreneurship and SME sector.

Our branches locations

The program offers financing services through (14) branches that are available in (9) Provinces, in accordance with the Islamic regulation.

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Target segments

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs(MSMEs)

Small and medium-sized enterprise owners (SMEs)

Graduates of universities and technical institutes (Start-ups)

Universities and technical institutes graduates.

Farmers, fishermen, owners of the apiaries, livestock and poultry breeders

Farmers, fishermen, apiaries owners, cattle and poultry breeders.

Beneficiaries government agencies salaries

Beneficiaries of government agencies' salaries.

Board of Directors

Mr. Shawki Ahmed Hayel Saeed

Mr. Shawki Ahmed Hayel Saeed

Mr. Ghassan Waheeb Shamsan

Mr. Ghassan Waheeb Shamsan

Vice Chairman
Dr. Abdo Ahmed Al-Daqaf

Dr. Abdo Ahmed Al-Daqaf

Board Member
Mr. Refat  Dheyab  Al-Maamari

Mr. Refat Dheyab Al-Maamari

Board Member - CEO

Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Refat Dheyab Al-Maamari

Chief Executive Officer
الشباب خريجي الجامعات والمعاهد الفنية (Start-ups)

Mr. Khalid Taher Al-Masany

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Wadee Abdullah Al-Gorafi

Mr. Wadee Abdullah Al-Gorafi

Head Of Operations
Mr. Sami Said Al-Kabodi

Mr. Sami Said Al-Kabodi

Head Of Accounting
Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hubaoshy

Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hubaoshy

Head of IT
Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ashwal

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ashwal

Head Of HR